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Sadly Hugo died on 16th October 2012 but this will remain as his page in his memory.
this is me! Hi there! I'm Hugo.

Welcome to my very own page - easily the best page on the site. Don't I look cute? My dad took this photo in August 2002 when I was only eight weeks old. I thought I was a Golden Retriever, but apparently I'm a Right Little Sod! Anyway, I'm supposed to tell all you dogs out there how good it is here, so here goes.

The cottages are warm and cosy, and very dog friendly. You're not allowed to poo on the lawn, but nowhere's perfect. We do provide you with your own food bowl to save space in your car, and there's a nice green place mat in case like me you're a messy eater!

If there's more than one of you, please see this : Multiple Dogs At Midtown

wet puppy

I've been for a swim! It's my fifteen week birthday today. If I wasn't wet and looking just a tiny bit scruffy, you'd see that I'm starting to get big dog curls down my back and tail. Hey! I'm starting to get fan mail - mainly from girl pups - but then I suppose that's what I must expect as a lean, mean, barking machine! I've also got some fans who have added me to their favourites list so they keep coming back to see what I've been up to. I must try to keep this page up to date. One should never disappoint ones fans.

Lord's Seat

This was taken in October 2003! Magill, Dryfus (sadly both no longer with us) & I took mum & dad to the top of Lord's Seat where we could see right over to Scotland. (Dad had to have five goes at this picture 'cos I kept wriggling and facing the wrong way or laying up-side-down!)

low fell

This was taken in May 2004 - I'm almost two and almost full grown. We're on top of Low Fell; Dad wanted to put this one on the site - he said mum looked "windswept & interesting".

Cyril Squirrel

Those of you who come regularly or read our newsletter will know all about Cyril! Dad always puts out nuts for him, and lots of you have told us you've seen him but he never puts in an appearance while we're here. Well, he did today! Dad got his camera and took this shot. I barked at Cyril to stand still but he wouldn't. One small volley of barks (I do it best when my legs go all stiff and I bounce!) and the ungrateful little devil was up the tree and gone. I got into trouble for barking, but I was telling him to stand still, honest! Don't squirrels understand bark?


In the words of someone I've never met, Victor Meldrew, I DON'T BELIEVE IT!!! Look what's just arrived! Here we are, September 2006, just a few months after my fourth birthday and I'm obviously no longer cute enough for them! What are they thinking of? Don't they know that these things pee & poo everywhere? (I didn't of course, but then I was exceptional - well, I still am!)

Now I'm going to whisper this next bit because I don't want everyone to hear. I'm actually just the teensiest bit scared of it! It chases me! And I'm sure those little needle teeth would be most painful!

Oh, in case you're interested - though I can't imagine why - it's called Hector.

Stone Stile

Hey dudes! I'm getting the hang of this. These stiles are really tricky - you can see the gap at the top but you have to walk up the stone steps at the side to get to it. Of course, I manage it easily but Hector's hopeless and usually has to have his bum lifted. What a wuss!

Added by Mick : Trust me, he didn't get the hang of it first time and he still can't walk down the other side - he has to launch himself off the top!

Hugo in Snow

I've had a complaint! No, I don't mean I've been ill but one of my fans pointed out I haven't added any photos here for a long while. Well, here's two very recent ones. As we were coming home from one visit (February 2010) it started to snow. We stopped in Whinlatter and went for a walk. I quite like the snow but there's a limit to how much I can eat!

Hector in Snow

Hello! The fine looking specimen you see here is me, Hector. I've grown up a bit now. I wanted to have my own page but dad said no, we only have room for one dog page and Hugo is senior dog so it's his page! Hurrumph! Still, I muscle in on everything else Hugo does so I'll muscle in here too. Dad took this picture just after the one of Hugo above but I posed properly.

Dylan Arrives

Hector and I were getting along just fine but look what's happened! It's May 2010 so I'm now 8 and Hector is 4 which should be just perfect but look what they've done! It's called Dylan. He's only arrived today and I'm not sure if Hector & I are going to like him. He wants to swing on our ears all the time. Despite what I said about Hector, mum & dad think he was adorable at that age and no trouble at all. We shall see. We're off to the cottage in a few weeks so we'll see how clever he is. I bet he can't swim.

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